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24/7 CWB-Certified Mobile Welding

Our custom solutions for your welding projects are what set us apart from the competition.

mobile welding services

Mobile Welding Services

Get quality custom and mobile welding services from our experienced professionals.


Dependable Service, Professional Results

We provide arc, MIG, and TIG welding for fabrication and heavy equipment repairs.


Welcome to E.L. Jacobs Welding Ltd., your certified CWB welder in Edmonton. We serve all of your structural welding and fabrication needs. Whether in-shop or on the road, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our dedication to custom solutions means your project gets completed when you need it. Why settle for less? E. L. Jacobs is a Journeyman structural steel welder, certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau to provide mobile services and heavy equipment repairs. We ensure the ultimate bond in strength and durability in everything we do. Because Edmonton’s professionals demand professional results – call E. L. Jacobs Welding Ltd. for custom and mobile welding services today!

24-hour Custom & Mobile Welding Solutions

Whether TIG welding aluminum tubing or arc welding structural steel, E. L. Jacobs Welding Ltd. provides custom and general solutions for all your welding and fabrication needs and is a proud member of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce. Being a mobile service means we have to be ready to tackle all kinds of fabrication and repair problems. We are experienced and outfitted with the right equipment to get your job done, every time. The services that set us apart from the competition include:

MIG welding
TIG welding
Flux shield arc welding (stick welding)
Fabrication repairs (CWB-certified)
Heavy equipment repairs

Professional Affiliations

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